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New Year Diaries - The Perfect Gifting Solution

Posted by Admin on August, 20, 2021

A diary is a small book in which sheets are bound in for writing. It consists of pages glued or sewn together and bound in cover. Diaries have varying sizes, weights, bindings, hard covers or soft covers, material, line widths and shapes. Most of the corporate tend to gift New Year Diaries with the name of the company, a brief about the goals of the company, and much more imprinted on them. Gifting new year diaries is a great marketing tool, as it stays with the current and prospective clients throughout the year.

Manufacturing of diaries

The manufacturing process of New Year diaries is quite uncomplicated and elementary. In this process, firstly, papers are ruled with the help of a ruling machine as per the local requirement. Then, the ruled paper sheets are folded into the required size of diary and then after binding it with grey boards, labels and covers and pasted on it. These labels can also be printed by the entrepreneur in his own unit and various multi colour attractive covers. After pasting the covers, cutting is done to give them the finishing touch.
These can be distinguished from each other on the basis of their size, weight, binding material, cover, pre-printed graphics, and texts

Different types of new year diaries preferred by the corporate houses are-

• Composition diaries
• Wire bound diaries
• Tape bound diaries
• Steno diaries, and much more
The product is made for drawing or writing in notes, stories, journals, memories and other things. The pages which are used by the new year diaries manufacturer in Nagpur are generally in light colours like white, yellowish, tan, blue, pink or green so as to make a text more legible. These are essential in every office, institution, organisation, school, etc.

Attributes of a high-quality diary are as follows-

• Ink dries fast
• High opacity
• Perfect smooth finish
• Minimal feathering
• High strength binding
• Appealing look

In today’s time, there is increasing demand for New Year Diaries in the market as stationery items in view of rapid growth in institutions and offices of government and commercial establishments. In Gujarat, there are a number of new year diaries manufacturers in Nagpur who can stand tall in the market due to the following reasons-

• They source their product from the reputed vendors in the market, who are well-equipped with the advanced tools and machines for the production of the notebooks.

• Nagpur is a residence of a number of skilled artisans and craftsman. The suppliers have an advantage of getting the handmade diaries also, with the help of proficient technicians.

• They have enough capacity to meet the bulk requirements of the clients on a timely basis.

Hence, it can be concluded that the variety of New Year diaries and the paper used in them are highly applauded by the people residing in various parts of the world. So, contact the renowned new year diary distributors for the utmost fair deals

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